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Startup Valuation

Know Your Startups Worth

  • Entrepreneurs starting a new business should know their worth and have a valuation report on hand.

  • Avoid substantial dilution after the "family and friends" round, without a proper valuation the Series A and B capital raise is sure to dilute the entrepreneur's stock. 

  • All of our valuations meet IRS standards and are performed by a qualified expert.

  • IRS compliant valuations do not need to be expensive. We utilize experience and a proprietary process to deliver great valuations at a fair price. 

Startup Valuation Options


The Standard Startup Valuation reviews the company’s expected fundamentals plus;


  • Startup Cash Flow Cycles

  • Analysis of Survival Rates

  • Digital Ad Spend and Marketing Analysis

  • Forecasted Financial Statements (I/S, B/S C/F)

  • Forecasted Net Cash Flows

  • Cost of Capital Calculation

  • Discounted Cash Flow Method

  • Guideline Market Multiple Method

  • Funding Method

  • Allow 3-5 Business Days



The Premium Startup Valuation is geared to raising capital. We perform the same functions in the “Startup Standard” valuation, but build a story to arrive and support value plus;

  • Build-out and opportunity analysis, markets and potential. 

  • Review cash flow and risk model 

  • Discounted Cash Flow Method

  • Terminal Value Method

  • Funding Guidelines Method

  • Scorecard Value Method 

  • Venture Capital Method

  • Risk Probability Value

  • Allow 10 - business days.  


Every valuation comes with a consultation on how to interpret the valuation report to gain the most from it.

For thirty-five years Dan has been active in merger and acquisitions, consulting companies to improve cash flow and enterprise value, and preparing professional business valuations. Dan offers customized approaches to value as each appraisal engagement is unique and calls for an experienced appraiser applying individual  assessments, applications and approaches to value.


Call to discuss your valuation needs. 


Daniel P. O'Connell, AM, BV

Stonebridge Advisory, Inc.

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