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About Us

Stonebridge Advisory

We understand the long hours and dedication it took our clients to get where they are. We are committed to working just as hard.

We dedicate ourselves to understand your specific needs and opportunity, so we can roll up our sleeves and work diligently.

Success is client confidence that the best results and  client experience were achieved. We welcome your call to discuss your objectives.

Our Team
Dan O'Connell, Principal | Phone: (626) 866-3317

Ryan O'Connell, Principal | Phone: (626) 866-3317

Dan O'Connell has been active in selling businesses and providing business valuations for over 25 years having started Stonebridge in 1995. With a strong background in corporate finance, investment banking, financial analysis and business strategies, Dan has been active in the mergers and acquisitions area representing privately-owned businesses with $5 million to $100 million in sales. Dan has worked in manufacturing, distribution, retail, business services, technology and food industries. 


Dan has provided companies all over the United States with professional business appraisals. Dan is an accredited member, American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

Ryan has a background in sales and business development having worked with large U.S. companies as well as small businesses. Ryan co-founded Stonebridge Advisory Inc. and incorporates IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60 guidelines that meet the IRS's Qualified Valuation status for business valuations. Ryan has produced hundreds of business valuations in the manufacturing, retail, distribution, professional, and service sectors and has a strong knowledge base in accounting, financial statements and business valuations.


Ryan has provided business valuations for various purposes including buying or selling a business, partner buy-sell situations, business planning and a review of value creation, gifting for tax or transfer purposes, succession planning, economic loss, issuing 409 (A) stock options, estate planning, litigation and marital asset dissolutions.

Jordan Petersen,
Head of Operating Logistics
Riley, Chief Morale Officer

Jordan oversees the streamlining of operations and processes of the company. He ensures that clients are taken care of and set up for success. Jordan onboards all new and existing clients, ensuring that all the necessary financials and pertinent information is in place. Jordan has been with Stonebridge Advisory for four years.

Riley has a great story with Stonebridge Advisory. He started working for Stonebridge Advisory in 2018 with very little experience, talk about an under dog! Now Riley is responsible for office morale and is even starting to learn the ropes of barketing.  

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