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Our Equity Drivers™ Program 
Analytical expertise helps companies optimize value.
Together we can enhance business value. Have you ever asked ...

Q.  Is my business providing enough cash to grow and earn a good return?


Q.  Does our working capital position ever delay good business opportunities?


Q.  Will the company generate adequate cash flow to interest good buyers?


Q.  Does the company's balance sheet structure allow for optimal cash flow?


Q.  Am I satisfied that doing the same things will optimize my business value?

Most private companies  have good opportunities to improve their financial performance and improve cash flow. New found cash can be used to invest  in the business, to reduce debt or to distribute to shareholders. Stonebridge offers company management and shareholders a "third-party" review of the business to  discuss opportunities to improve cash flow and equity value.  


The financial statements offer a great deal of information that can shed light on operations and possible ways to improve performance. Most companies don't access this information.  Let us introduce The Equity Drivers™ Program to enhance your business value.

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The Equity Drivers™ Program to Enhance Value

A company is in business to make a profit, generate adequate cash flow and position the company for sustainable growth and stability. The Equity Drivers™ Program is comprised of three critical business concepts; the seven cash drivers of a business,  optimizing the balance sheet and building transferable value. We refer to these as the Efficiency Drivers™, the Capital Drivers™ and the Qualitative Drivers™. 


A detailed review of these three components directly impacts cash flow, enterprise value and your equity position. The pyramid diagram above begins by building from the base of margins and cash flow, then the capital structure is examined followed by the company’s qualitative issues. We will explore areas of  under-performance and its cost to the company and talk about how changes can impact you financially. In the Equity Drivers™ Program, we will only concentrate on what is applicable to your business and industry.

Want More? Get Our White Paper

If you wish to receive our  Equity Drivers™  White Paper, just click below. Learn how to capture the attainable value and grow your equity. 


 The  Equity Drivers™  Program's  core function is to identify and measure  cash opportunities and organize plans to reduce cost, optimize the balance sheet, equity value and consistency .  We will share with you what we have found after being in hundreds of companies.  What works and what doesn't work. 


The program starts with our client Operations Survey and receiving three years of income statements and balance sheets. We then set up a 30 minute phone call to ask specific questions which we will provide you in advance.  One week later, at your convenience, we begin our first web-conference call. The program includes a Calculated Business Appraisal which is a $495 value, and quarterly conference calls. 


We believe all companies should perform like they are being sold tomorrow. We will isolate where problems are and what it is costing the company. We want to do what we can to build stronger companies. Strong companies have dedicated employees, greater cash flows, and less business risk.


 Annual Cost: $4,500 (includes Calculated Business Appraisal) business consulting

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