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Business Valuations

The Leader In Cost Effective Valuations

  • Our team has developed a proprietary process to deliver fast, cost effective, accurate, and detailed business valuations. 

  • We offer six methods and calculations of valuation on every valuation we offer. 

  • 35 Years of business valuation and mergers & acquisition experience.


We Do Valuations For:

  •  Our valuations are performed by a qualified expert and meet all IRS guidelines and regulations. 

  • Free consultation to understand the purpose of the valuation and one afterwards to present it. 

  • Quality business valuations do not need to cost thousands of dollars. We are the proof.


  • Sale/Acquisition

  • Buy-Sell Agreement

  • Recapitalization

  • Issuing Stock (409a)

  • Patents, IP

  • Fund Buy-Sell

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Fairness Opinion

  • Litigation

  • License, Royalties

  • Gift or Asset Transfers

  • Succession Planning

  • Economic Loss

  • Marital Asset Dissolution

  • Purchase Price Allocation

Custom Report

Most Popular



For clients that need a simplified process and a professional business appraisal. This 30-page valuation contains over 25 financial exhibits and tables to support the valuation including;

  • The Asset, Income & Market Approach to value for an accurate appraisal assessment.

  • Re-casted Income Statements to calculate the company’s true operating income stream.

  • The precise Cost of Capital calculation which measures the inherent risk and needed return.

  • Allow 3-5 business days for the valuation. Get a dependable and accurate valuation that is easy to read and to the point. Give us a call to talk.


For clients who want added financial analysis with in-depth reporting to better understand the business value and cash flow optimization. This 46 page report includes everything in the Standard Valuation plus;

  • Forecasted Financial Statement Detail.

  • Company Benchmarks.

  • Liquidity, working capital and near-term cash analysis to measure company risk.

  • Review of capital investment, cost analysis and cash management to determine the company’s optimal performance.

  • Allow 5 – business days. Get an alternative look at the business to achieve your objectives.



For clients who desire a thorough review of the company and industry, meeting the precise calculations for auditors, accountants, bankers, management and ownership demands. 

  • Everything in the Standard and Select.

  • Employee productivity & break-even analysis.

  • Detailed Cash Flow Calculations 

  • Technical and specific valuation needs. 

  • Forecasted loan capacity and coverage

  • Allow 10 – business days. Get the most detailed report with critical analysis to satisfy all demands. 

Startup Valuations

Every valuation comes with a consultation on how to interpret the valuation report to gain the most from it.

Stonebridge also provides Business Valuations for startup companies. We offer a Standard Startup Valuation and a Premium Startup Valuation. 

Click the link below to view our Startup Valuation Page.

For thirty-five years Dan has been active in merger and acquisitions, consulting companies to improve cash flow and enterprise value, and preparing professional business valuations. Dan offers customized approaches to value as each appraisal engagement is unique and calls for an experienced appraiser applying individual  assessments, applications and approaches to value.


Call to discuss your valuation needs. 


Daniel P. O'Connell, AM, BV

Stonebridge Advisory, Inc.


About Our Valuations

Our valuations meet specific standards by the governing associations and IRS standards and compliance guidelines. All reports are professionally prepared to meet traditional approaches to value and adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and conform to IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60.  Our valuations are performed by a qualified expert with 29 years of experience in the capital markets.

We offer a Standard, Select and Premium Valuation. The Standard Valuation ($795) is 28 pages offering up to six valuation methods and calculations to arrive at the opinion of value. The Select Valuation ($1,050) is 46 pages and adds financial analytics which is excellent for companies with inventory, receivables or capital expenditures who want to improve cash flows and optimize value. The Premium Valuation ($2,450) provides added options regarding specific company goals, analysis and review and is 58 to 65-pages.


All valuations include six valuation methods and calculations and are thorough reports covering all traditional valuation procedures. Call us to discuss your valuation purpose so we can explain how the different valuations best serves your needs. Then you decide which report best meets your needs and budget.

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