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Standard Startup Valuation

Standard Startup Valuation Report
PNG Report Cover.png
  • Startup Cash Flow Cycles

  • Analysis of Survival Rates

  • Digital Ad Spend and Marketing Analysis

  • Forecasted Financial Statements (I/S, B/S C/F)

  • Forecasted Net Cash Flows

  • Cost of Capital Calculation

  • Discounted Cash Flow Method

  • Guideline Market Multiple Method

  • Allocation for Fair Market Value

  • Allow 3 - business days. 

How Our Process Works
  • Introductory phone call to learn about your business.

  • Send us one to five years of financial information.

  • We will reach out for a consultation if we have more questions.

  • Allow 3-business days to prepare your Standard Business Valuation 

  • You will receive a PDF file via email with your professional valuation and a customized complimentary report to drive added enterprise value.  

Give Us A Call

Give us a call today, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have and tell you about how we do business.


(626) 866-3317

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