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WISP Valuations

Know Your WISP's Worth

The Wireless Internet Service Provider industry is a fast paced industry that is growing every year. This makes it ever more important to know where your business stands at all times. There are often unknown opportunities and situations in which knowing the fair market value is advantageous to you as a key player in the company. 

  • Buy/Sell

    • If the time comes to sell your WISP or acquire another WISP for expansion; a fair market business valuation is invaluable in determining whether or not this transaction is the right one for you.  ​​​

  • Finance/Lending 

    • There come times when you may need more capital as a business owner. Being prepared with a current business valuation can show the lender that they are lending capital to a viable business. 

  • Forming New Partnerships

    • Whether you are joining a new business venture or bringing a new partner in on yours, it is always a great idea to have a third party qualified business appraiser determine the worth of the company prior to doing so. ​


Stonebridge WISP Valuations

Stonebridge has been doing business valuations and Mergers & Acquisitions for 25+ years. We have experience in the WISP industry in both instances. We make valuations simple with our effortless process and upfront pricing. We offer three main business valuation packages; Standard $495, Select $950 and Premium $1450.


80% of our clients find that their needs are well met at our Standard Valuation level. Click the link below to learn more about what our reports include, samples of our reports and how our business valuation process works. 

Call us Monday-Friday directly at (626) 204-4030

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