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Getting Started

Thanks for ordering a Stonebridge Advisory Valuation. This information has also been emailed to you. During the valuation process, ask us any questions if you need clarification on any specifics. 

During the valuation process, ask us any questions if you need clarification on any specifics. 


Click the Link Below to Begin the Information and File Upload Process


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Financial Documents to Upload


Not all companies have the same reporting policies depending on their situation or how long they have been in business. We ask for income statements (I/S) and the corresponding balance sheets (B/S) for the past five years. (For startups send us what you have.) Three years of data is better than one year, and five years is better than three years. More years of data gives us an indication of trend-lines and how the company performs over a longer period and handles market fluctuations. Important Note: If available please upload the year to date income statement and corresponding balance sheet for the CURRENT YEAR.


Please take time to validate that the information you are sending is correct. There is a $250 fee to correct inaccurate financials given to us.



Next, we will contact you to ask a few questions and to determine how the business is expected to perform over the next few years. I will send you a summary of the past years, so we can forecast the next few years together.


That’s it, thanks again and feel free to reach out with any questions. 




Terms & Conditions

At Stonebridge Advisory we aim to be upfront, transparent, and fair. We utilize a simple and straightforward “Terms and Conditions Agreement” to assure this transparency and fairness. By purchasing a Stonebridge Advisory Business Valuation, you agree to the following terms and conditions. To maintain integrity Stonebridge Advisory must complete the valuation independently and in a manner that we deem in compliance with the IRS and to follow the strict standards of a qualified business appraisal. In the situation where Stonebridge Advisory is given incorrect financial information or is asked to revise the valuation due to an error in the information supplied by the client, Stonebridge Advisory must charge a revision fee of $250.00 in the case of a Standard or Select Valuation. Revisions on Premium Valuations will require a custom quote. Our goal is to keep the costs low for our clients. We do this by being efficient in our processes, however revisions often slow us down and require us to run the valuation a second time and for that reason we must charge a revision fee. A revision must be requested within 90 days from the original date of completion. The revised report will have the same historical dates as the original report. If for some reason the client no longer has an immediate need for a business valuation, we will hold a credit indefinitely. When the client is once again ready for the business valuation their previous purchase will be honored. Stonebridge Advisory will only work with our client as listed on the business valuation report, unless our client has otherwise stated that we can share information with another entity. Our client’s privacy is and must be a top priority.

Give Us A Call

Give us a call today, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have and tell you about how we do business.


(626) 204-4030

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