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Secured Financial Doc Upload

Uploading Financials

Not all companies have the same reporting policies depending on their situation or how long they have been in business. We ask for income statements (I/S) and the corresponding balance sheets (B/S) for past years. Three years of data is better than one year and five years is better than three years. More years of data gives us an indication of trend-lines and how the company performs over a longer period and handles market fluctuations.


We prefer five years of I/S and B/S. Let us know what you have and we can work with that. Just upload the I/S and B/S information in either Excel, Word or PDF.

Important Note: If available please upload the year to date income statement and corresponding balance sheet for the CURRENT YEAR.

Any clients that prefer to E-mail their financial documents may do so via the following email address:

We are always available to assist and answer questions at

(626) 204-4030 or submit a live chat. 

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