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Efficiency Drivers Videos

Efficiency Driver Video Series

Recasting the Income Statement

Income Statements often reflect a private company’s need to reduce their taxable income. Many tax
strategies are used in the process. This video reviews the operating and non-operating income and
expenses to arrive at the true earnings capacity of the company and how it impacts value.

Sales Growth and the Cash Impact

Sales are great! This video reviews how the incremental sales impacts Gross Profit Contribution and cash
flow. This gets to the heart of every business and their financial model. Also review just how much your
sales are really increasing by including operating efficiencies in the formula.

Optimal Gross Profit Contribution

Cost of Good Sold is most likely the largest company expense for those companies where they in fact
have COGS. Determine what the contributions are costing the company and what they should be.

Controlling Operating Expenses

Operating Expenses are mostly a fixed cost and they should be managed to increase profits as revenues
increase. This video isolates the opportunity to reduce expenses, what it is costing the company and
how much business value is lost.

Forecasting the Efficiency Drivers 

Review how the Gross Profit Contributions and cash management practices are impacting your business.
Isolate exactly what inefficiencies are costing the company.

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